Today’s day 3 of a little personal experiment I’m doing – no more internet porn. Apparently, there are a number of sexual, physiological, emotional, and social benefits to cutting porn out. Sleeping better, improved mood, improved confidence and attractiveness, more directness with women, more energy, deeper voice, reduced social anxiety, among other things. Up to this point, things haven’t been too hard (hah) but I’m trying to prepare myself for withdrawal symptoms, I’m sure they’re waiting just over the horizon.

It makes sense too, in a number of ways. At least according to what I’ve read and watched, masturbation tricks our primitive brains into believing we are procreating often, which in turn  reduces our desire to go out and find a mate.

Biologically, masturbation spikes dopamine levels at orgasm and generally decreases testosterone levels, making those levels unbalanced.

And finally, socially, which makes the most sense, if the ONLY way I’m going to get release is from an actual woman, then shit, I gotta put myself out there or else I’m gonna explode!

I hear the one week mark is when things really get rolling. I’ll check back in on Friday. We’ll see how I’m holding up!

I’m actually pretty excited for this!


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