Here’s a little piece of gold I found on Reddit:

“…relationships are about decisions. You make the decision to devote yourself to this person, even though you are risking missing out on other experiences. That’s just the way it is. I personally think a good relationship is worth the cost, but I can’t speak for you. But make no mistake: relationships aren’t about feelings or soulmates or fate. They’re about being better together than you would be individually. They’re about being yourself, but becoming the best version of yourself, by learning to give up on those things that are small and petty and selfish. If relationships were about feelings, they’d all end the first time someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Relationships are about intentionally giving and receiving love in this big scary world, and that can only happen on purpose, not because of feelings or serendipity.”

Jess and I didn’t work out, but I can honestly say that I gave my 100%. Sometimes things just don’t work out even when you give it your best. It’s a really shitty feeling but one I can’t dwell on, I gotta take what I learned from this experience and move on from it.

Besides, my new job is sick as fuck haha! Money here I come 🙂 🙂


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