It’s late and …

It’s late and reminiscing about my weekend and how amazing it was. I went to San Francisco to visit my brother and go bar hopping with him and his friends. I love hanging with this guy and his group of friends for a number of reasons. First, since he’s family, I don’t ever feel like I’m being judged and am really comfortable around him. Next, he’s doing very well for himself financially, socially, and personally, and I look up to him as a model of what I want to achieve in my life. It’s amazing how much you become influenced by the people around you. He and his friends are successful, independent people, and I’m always inspired when I hang around them and see their lifestyles. I think I’m at an age right now where a lot of my peers are still in school, or trying to figure out for themselves what they want to do in life, so it’s easy to get caught up in that mentality. It’s one thing to kind of envision your goals and use mental imagery techniques to kind of “feel” what it will be like once you achieve them, but it’s a completely different thing to actually surround yourself with people who have accomplished big things.

Anyways, we started out in Alameda where my brother’s friend had a Peace Corps picnic, met a bunch of people, listened to their stories of what they did in their underdeveloped countries and the hardships they went through, spent some time near the water, then we cruised to the city, where we bar hopped, drank, danced, and overall just had a good time. There was a real cool vibe at one of the bars where everyone was just very social and down to have some great conversation, something we unfortunately don’t get too much of where I’m from. Probably the highlight of the night. But overall we all just had a really great time.

I’m getting sleepy and I feel like I’m rambling so I’ll end this post with a small bit of advice: Take time out of your normal 9-5 routine to do something or spend time with people that will inspire you. Even if it does leave you with a smackin hangover the next morning 😉


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