Congratulations on graduating! Now what the fuck do I do with myself?

A hell of a lot changes after you graduate college. Friends change, your social atmosphere changes, your hobbies and interests change, and your focus changes. As a guy who is in the midst of all of this change and possibly struggling through some post-college depression, I’m beginning to think that rather than resisting and being afraid of these changes, it’s time to embrace them. Up until this point, life has always had a solid structure: you wake up, eat breakfast, go to school, dick around a bit, bullshit with your friends, flirt with some chicks, do a little homework, stress about shit that seems really important at the minute (which really isn’t), do some work, get laid, go to bed, rinse, and repeat.

What a rude fucking awakening it is when all of a sudden that structure collapses. What’s the new structure now? You get yourself a job, make a little money, and live for the weekends! Hopefully somewhere in that mix you meet a partner, fall in love, get married, have kids, live a happy life, blah blah blah.

I grew up believing all that shit. And here’s the problem with that: when things just don’t work out that way, you don’t provide yourself with a backup plan. One of my old bosses who currently owns a small pizza place/sports bar once asked me something along the lines of, “You ever think about having an escape plan? Just leaving and going somewhere exotic like Spain or Italy and just living?” And to be quite frank I had nothing to say. As nice as it sounds, it always seemed too big or crazy to accomplish. I had never considered it because I was so damn sure things were going to go one way and one way only. It’s only now that I’m starting to find that that narrow-minded thinking is crazy.

It sounds really cookie cutter but there really are so many possibilities out there. You ever watch some epic movie like Lord of the Rings or Pirates of the Caribbean and put yourselves in the hero’s shoes and really imagine what that would be like? I think those movies are such huge box office hits because we as people crave adventure but we make up excuses in our minds on why we can’t achieve it. Why not travel? It’s too expensive. That country is too dangerous. The weather sucks. I don’t speak the local language. It’s way too easy to sit there and make excuses, because it’s easier to live in mediocrity and comfort than it is to take a risk for the chance of reaping a bigger reward than you would just sitting on your ass.

It’s time to get out there and start living.

Cheers to the people who are hungry for something more!


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